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Savings and Money Market

Business Statement Savings  |  Business Star Spangled Savings  |  Regular Business Money Market  |  Small Business Money Market  |  Tiered Business Money Market  |  Overnight Investment Sweeps  |  

Allow idle funds to work toward your organization's goals with competitive interest rates and the security of FDIC insurance our various savings and money market accounts can optimize your organization's earning power.

 Business Statement Savings  

Business Statement Savings is an easy, low minimum account that gives organizations quick access to available balances.

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 Business Star Spangled Savings  

Business Star Spangled Savings is a higher interest earning account for larger balances.

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 Regular Business Money Market  

Regular Business Money Market is a flat rate, low minimum balance money market that earns a competitive rate of interest.

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 Small Business Money Market  

Small Business Money Market offers smaller organizations the ability to earn a higher interest rate as balances grow.

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 Tiered Business Money Market  

Tiered Business Money Market is designed for larger organizations with substantial balances. The interest rate rises as account balances grow.

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 Overnight Investment Sweeps  

To maximize your idle cash earnings, we offer overnight investment sweep accounts. All your aggregate balances at days end are swept to an investment sweep and earn a very competitive rate based on current market conditions. Ask any of our expert cash management specialists about sweep options.

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