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Consumer Loan Rates

Fixed Rate Loan Products  |  Variable Rate Loan Products  |  Other Loan Products

Within all tables below, APR means Annual Percentage Rate.
Information is as of November 6, 2013.

 Fixed Rate Loan Products  
 Loan TermMinimum Loan AmountMaximum Loan AmountAPR with auto deduction from PLB account (H)Maximum APRLoan to Value RatioFees
Loans- 2nd Lien Position
Home Equity Loan (G)3 years$10,000$1,000,0003.99%N/A80%Document Preparation Fee $150
 5 years$10,000$1,000,0004.49%N/A80%Document Preparation Fee $150
 10 years$10,000$1,000,0004.74%N/A80%Document Preparation Fee $150
 15 years$10,000$1,000,0004.74%N/A80%Document Preparation Fee $150
Secured Loans-1st Lien Position: Call 888-795-7366 for current Annual Percentage Rates.      
Auto Loans      
New Automobile Loan (A)3 to 5 years$2,000$50,0008.00%N/A100% Valuenone
Used Automobile Loan (A)2 to 4 years$2,000$50,0009.00%N/A100% Valuenone
Personal Loan3 to 5 years$5,000$25,00013.25%N/AN/Anone
Secured Loans       
Swing Loan (F) (G) (J) (APR% = Prime +.50% with automatic deduction from PLB account)6 months$50,000$500,0005.00%18.00%80% max (E)Appraisal fees plus $500 documentation fee

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 Variable Rate Line of Credit Products  
 Minimum Line AmountMaximum Line AmountAPR %MarginMaximum APRLoan to Value Ratio %Fees
Equity Line of Credit(1) (G) (J) - Secured$10,000$1,000,0004.50%Prime18.00%80%Document Preparation Fee $150. Annual Fee $50.
Convertible Line of Credit (2) (G) (J) - Secured$25,000$350,0004.75%Prime +0.25%18.00%80%Document Preparation Fee Fee $150. Annual Fee $50.
Freedom Line of Credit  (1) (B) (G) (J)$10,000$1,000,0003.99%Prime +0.74%18.00%80%Document Preparation Fee Fee $150. Annual Fee $50.
Liberty Line of Credit (1) (B) (G) (J) - Secured$10,000$1,000,0004.25%Prime -0.50%18.00%80%Document Preparation Fee $150. Annual Fee $50.
Line of
Credit - Unsecured
$3,500$25,00010.00%Prime +6.00%18.00%N/AAnnual Fee $25
Overdraft Line of Credit- Unsecured$500$5,00018.00%N/AN/AN/AAnnual Fee $25
APR is subject to change up to the maximum stated throughout loan term.

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 Other Loan Products  
Maximum AmountAPR%Fees
Collateral Loan$500up to 90% of collateral balanceThe higher of 3.00% above collateral OR 5.00% minimumnone

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) assumes automatic deduction from a Penn Liberty Bank checking or savings account.

Loan DescriptionPayment per $1,000 borrowed (J)
3 Year Home Equity Loan$29.52
5 Year Home Equity Loan$18.64
10 Year Home Equity Loan$10.48
15 Year Home Equity Loan$7.77
5 Year New Auto Loan$20.28
4 Year New Auto Loan$24.89
5 Year Personal Loan$23.14
Swing LoanInterest only payment per $1,000 is $4.17
3 Year Collateral LoanBased on the minimum APR of 5.00%,
the payment per $1,000 is $29.97

Prime Rate since December 17, 2008:  3.25% 

* Maximum Loan amount may be adjusted downward based on Loan to Value Ratio.
(A) Used Auto Loans are available for automobile models of the last two calendar years only. Insurance required.
(B) Must have automatic payment from a Penn Liberty Bank checking or savings account.
(1) Interest only option available. Billed interest only for first 5 years then converted to our standard 15 year line of credit (1/180 principal monthly plus interest)
(2) Convert outstanding balances of $10,000 or more to fixed Home Equity Loan rates up to 3 times during the first 5 years of the Line of Credit term at the APRs offered at time of conversion request. No conversion fees are charged.
(E) Loan to Value may be less.
(F) Interest only payments. Maximum term 6 months.
(G) All Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit require property insurance.
(H) APR without automatic payment deduction for Personal Loans and Swing Loans is .50% higher, all other loan APRs are .25% higher.
(J) Minimum APR: Home Equity Line of Credit: 4.50%, Convertible Line of Credit: 4.75%, Liberty Line of Credit: 4.25%, Freedom Line of Credit: 3.99%, Swing Loan: 5.00%, Personal Line of Credit 10.00%. 
All consumer loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval. Rates offered may be withdrawn without prior notice.

For questions, please call any Penn Liberty Bank branch or Customer Service at 888-795-7366.

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