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Commercial Lending

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 Loans and Lines of Credit  

When you need to plan for a specific seasonal business cash needs or additional working capital, ask a member of our lending team about a Business Loan or Line of Credit. With terms of up to 1 year for revolving credit facilities, we can help your business succeed.

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 Term Loans  

When you are ready to expand your business, contact an experienced Penn Liberty Bank Lender to help you arrange for an equipment purchase, business expansion, system upgrades, or property renovations. Flexible loan terms from 3 to 10 years provide options to fit your growth plans.

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 Commercial Mortgages  

Many successful businesses outgrow their business space. An expanded employee base or new equipment may require finding a larger building to provide your business the growing space it needs. A proven financing option for buying, expanding, or refinancing commercial properties is a Commercial Mortgage. Ask us how we can help your business spread its wings.

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 Business Equity Line of Credit (BELOC)  

Designed for smaller businesses that need working capital financing. These lines of credit are secured facilities that have three or five year maturities with a maximum loan amount of $250,000. Access to funds when you need them is available by simply writing a check or sending a quick fax or email.

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 Private Banking  

Designed for individuals whose financial needs are unique and whose time is at a premium. Your Private Banker will help you define the services that fit your particular needs. Your Private Banker will serve as your point of access to the wide spectrum of premier financial products and services offered through the Penn Liberty Bank financial services network.

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 Swing Loan  

Provides temporary financing to a borrower when purchasing a new personal residence even though their current residence is not yet sold or is in the process of being sold. The borrower's current residence must be listed for sale with a licensed realtor.

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 Team Members  

James J. Danna - Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Jim at 610-535-4522 or

Tom Coletti - Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Tom at 610-535-4513 or

Tim Jefferis - Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Tim at 610-535-4518 or

Bryan E. Forcino
- Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Bryan at 610-535-4543 or

Jules K. DeLuzio - Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Jules at 610-535-4534 or

Jennifer Schell -
Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Jennifer at 610-535-4551 or

Deb Persia - Portfolio Manager of Commercial Banking
Contact Deb at 610-535-4541 or

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