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Certificates of Deposit

 Certificates of Deposit 

A certificate of deposit is a great way to earn a great return on funds. By investing funds into a fixed rate and term investment you have peace of mind knowing exactly what interest income your funds will provide along with the safety of the maximum FDIC insurance coverage allowed by law.

We offer Certificates of Deposit terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years along with a low minimum investment of $1,000 for terms under 1 year and only $750 for terms of 1 year or more. Penn Liberty Bank offers flexible interest payment options and extremely competitive interest rates.

Certificates of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

If you are investing more than the current FDIC limit per depositor, you may be interested in the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS). You can take advantage of one stop banking with Penn Liberty Bank. The CDARS program coordinates the investment of your funds at well capitalized financial institutions in amounts under the FDIC limit. You choose investment terms and receive one statement containing all your investment information and best of all; your CD investments are covered by FDIC insurance.