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Borrowing Options/Consumer Loans

Penn Liberty Bank offers a variety of checking accounts, each one designed for a particular need.

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Penn Liberty Bank has money to lend for all your borrowing needs, from home equity lines and loans to personal loans and car loans. We are committed to helping you fund your dreams quickly and at an affordable price.

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Take advantage of equity you have saved up in your home. Many options and terms are available, including interest-only options. *  Now Available- Line of Credit Access Card, the convenient way to access your line of credit.

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Convertible Home Equity Line of Credit

Protect against fluctuations in interest with a fixed interest rate on a portion or all of the outstanding line balance. If you fix the outstanding portion, you can still have the remaining credit line available for other needs.

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Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Personal loans and lines of credit offer lower rates than credit cards. See if you are eligible.

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Home Mortgage Loans

Let us help you buy the home of your dreams. Call your branch to discuss what rates and terms are available.

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Home Swing Loans

Also called “bridge loans,” this type of loan fills the time period gap between selling your home and the purchase of a new home.

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Collateral Loans

By keeping funds on deposit at Penn Liberty Bank in an interest bearing certificate of deposit (CD) designated as collateral on your loan, you can save money on your interest rate, which is based on your CDs interest rate.

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Automobile Loans

Penn Liberty Bank offers new or used automobile financing at competitive interest rates.

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Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest.