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Penn Liberty Bank Announces New and Improved
Bill Payer Service

At Penn Liberty Bank we constantly strive to improve the convenience and functionality of our products and services to our customers.  After several months of analysis of our current bill payer service we concluded that it was necessary to convert to a new system to insure the highest level of overall product benefits available in the market.  The new service is expected to provide a superior level of support, consistency and availability of all current features, and new functionality including person to person, donation and gift checks, and Mobile Bill Pay (available in early October).


Although modest, there are a few steps bill payer customers will need to initiate or be aware of to insure a seamless conversion to the new, improved service: 

  •  Due to the upgrade, the Bill Payer system will be unavailable between 7:00am September 16, 2013 and the morning of September 18, 2013. We suggest that you enter all bills due through September 20, 2013 prior to September 16th.
  • ELECTRONIC BILL (E-BILL) PRESENTMENT- VERY IMPORTANT!                                          Clients who receive electronic bills from various payees will need to un-enroll from this service at this time. Due to privacy concerns, your e-bills will not be carried over to the new system. When you un-enroll in e-bill for a payee, notification is sent on your behalf to the payee changing your billing status from e-bill to a paper statement. You may want to verify this change of status with each payee and ensure that your correct mailing address is on file. Once the new system is available on September 18, you are able to sign up for e-bill with these payees again.
  • Most of your payees along with scheduled payments will be converted to the upgraded system. We suggest you review and delete any unused payees prior to the upgrade. If you have payees that will not convert, we will contact you prior to September 13th.
  • Any bill payment reminders you have set will need to be re-entered after the upgrade.
  • Payee category groups will not be converted. You will be able to set up categories after the system upgrade.
  • A full six months of payment history will be converted to the upgraded system. You will be able to access this information through the bill payment history option.
  • Payee names will be converted as payee name (dash) nickname up to 50 characters. For example if you have a payee named YMCA with a nickname of Dues, you will see YMCA-Dues in the payee name.

Please take a moment to review the upgraded Bill Payer Demo so you'll be familiar with the new security and payment process.

Watch for additional functionality in the upgraded system:

  • Set a page view to display a particular screen upon log in.
  • Choose a default payment account by payee. For example if you have multiple checking accounts that you use to pay specific payees, you’ll now be able to set that checking account by payee.

If you encounter any issues or have any concerns, our branch personnel are available at your convenience to provide assistance in completing the required steps.  We apologize for any inconvenience but are confident that long term benefits meaningfully outweigh any conversion inconvenience.  Our branch personnel will be reaching out directly to customers that are currently receiving E-Bills (Electronic Bill Presentment) to insure that there is no interruption in the customer's bill payment process.

You’ll continue to enjoy the familiar benefits of Penn Liberty Bank Bill payer, which lets you pay your bills safely and securely from your computer -- anywhere, anytime. 

If you have any questions, please contact your branch or call us at 1-888-795-7366.