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Cash Management

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 Online Cash Management  

Our easy, secure internet banking service provides your organization with up to the minute account activity. The service includes the ability to conduct wires, payroll, ACH, view check images or much more. It's the ultimate in cash management tools.

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 Credit and Debit Cards  

Monitor employee activities through online and statement itemization. Control dollar amount and account access for all employees' cards on an individual card basis all through the secure Visa network.

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 Deposit Services  

Penn Liberty offers three unique, convenient methods to make deposits. Our Courier On Call, a free courier service, picks up your check deposits at your place of business. For organizations with cash deposits, we offer our own Secure Cash Transit service at a very affordable price. If you'd rather deposit your own checks, we offer Deposit Depot, our electronic check deposit service that allows check deposits to made from your office. All deposits are available the next business day. No matter which convenient deposit method you choose, you'll receive the same next business day availability to your funds.

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 Positive Pay  

Penn Liberty Bank offers you the ability to limit your fraud potential of checks written against your account. We can provide information, through Business OnLine, of potential suspect checks items. This allows you to determine whether these items should be paid. This will significantly reduce your fraud potential.

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 Controlled Disbursement  

Penn Liberty Bank offers the ability for your business to monitor the checks that will be presented against your account that evening on the same business day, before they are presented against your accounts. That allows you to fully monitor your cash flow, either for investment purposes or to pay down and/or borrow against your line of credit. You can view the check presentments and check detail in your account today, before noon, and analyze your cash position. You can view this information on the internet through Business OnLine.

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 Donation Processing Services (Credit/ Check Card processing)  

Your organization will benefit from the convenience and speed of accepting donations by credit or check card. On site or online options are available.

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 Direct Deposit of Payroll  

Direct Deposit of Payroll is an easier, faster way of paying your employees without using payroll checks. Each employee's net pay is simply deposited directly into his or her personal account at Penn Liberty Bank, or any other bank, that is a member of NACHA. It is all done electronically, either directly from your payroll.

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 Workplace Banking  

Workplace Banking is available for organization employees. This comprehensive package of consumer banking benefits is free to the organization, and still provides employees with a better program than offered to the public.

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 Overnight Investment Sweep  

Take advantage of allowing your excess cash to earn an attractive rate of return while maintaining overnight liquidity.

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 Lock Box Services  

Give your organization the ease of collecting donations using our lock box service. All items are processed in an image environment so your organization receives images the same day of deposit. All funds are available the next business day, so you have fast access to the deposits.

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 International Services  

Penn Liberty Bank can assist you with international services, including check collection, wiring funds, and the issuance of letters of credit through our relationship with our correspondent bank.

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 Meet the Team  

Team Members

James J. Danna - Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Jim at 610-535-4522 or

Bryan E. Forcino - Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Bryan at 610-535-4543 or

Jules K. DeLuzio - Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Jules at 610-535-4534 or

Patricia (Tricia) Lefkof,CTP - Vice President of Commercial Banking
Contact Tricia at 610-535-4531 or

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