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Penn Liberty Bank is proud to introduce ID Theft Assist™
Premier ID Theft Protection for $7 a Month!

Identity theft is the country’s largest white-collar crime and affected over 9 million Americans in 2011. However many people are still under the misconception that it won’t happen to them, so they leave themselves vulnerable to ID thieves that are becoming more sophisticated every passing day. 


ID Theft Assist features up-front credit monitoring for all subscribers, not just those who have had defined incidents. Should you have an identity compromise, even something as simple as a lost wallet or purse, our 24-hour emergency assistance center is there to serve you with a wide range of services that leave the work to us and take the burden off you.


ID Theft Assist untangles the red tape of identity recovery. Let our specially-trained advocates do the often frustrating work for you, including tasks such as:

  • Analyzing the victim's real-time credit report to determine where and when the fraud/theft occurred.
  • Develop a Recovery Action Plan to restore victim's identity to pre-incident status.
  • Contact all affected and interested parties on behalf of the victim to report the crime and restore credit.
  • Access our worldwide presence, language translation, and emergency cash advances for those who are victimized when traveling.

Also included with the plan are a free legal consultation, long-tern fraud resolution, 24/7 telephonic access to Master level therapist for the stress caused by ID theft, and access to our network of attorneys and behavioral specialists.

Interested in purchasing ID Theft coverage?